Hot & Hearty Cooking Diet

Hot & Hearty Cooking Diet

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Sleek & Sassy™ Nutritional Diets are made with Whole All Natural Ingredients and packaged in Oxygen filled packaging to ensure enzyme rich seeds and grain to optimize the nutritional value.  We do not Nitrogen flush or Vacuum pack our products which evacuates the oxygen to increase shelf life. Whole Seeds & Grain should always be stored in an oxygen filled environment to maintain their live enzyme activity and viability. Enzymes are CRUCIAL in aiding the digestion and assimilation of most nutrients. Taking away the oxygen will kill the live enzymes and reduce the nutritional value.

To avoid pantry pests, particularly during the warm summer months, we highly recommend both buying smaller amounts more often and storing the food in the refrigerator, or, if you prefer buying larger quantities in bulk use the storage instructions provided on the back of the bag.


Cracked Corn, Brown Rice, Oat Groats, Wheat, Lentils, Yellow Split Peas, Flax, Dehydrated Carrot, Buckwheat Groats, Adzuki Beans, Mung Beans, Pinto Beans, Baby Lima Beans, Black Eyed Peas, Small White Beans, Small Red Beans, Dehydrated Green Bell Pepper, Dehydrated Sweet Potato.