My beloved Norby died at nearly 18 years of age. I was heartbroken. A dear friend who was helping me search rescue sites for another terrier called me at about 5 am one morning about a dog she had seen on an adoption site in Los Angeles called FairyDogFather.com. I went to the website, saw the picture of the little guy, and I was smacked between the eyes. I called the rescue site, purchased a bed and some toys, called a friend, and drove to L.A. Arriving in L.A., we entered a place housing many puppies and dogs from the shelter and death row. We gave all the toys to the puppies. One puppy picked up a toy and took it to his sick mom on the couch and that was when I knew…he was the one for me! It was love at first sight. I named him Wall-E.

Wall-E is a strategist and very smart. He returns love and likes people. He plays with toys and makes up games. I must admit he can recalcitrant, a bit of a piggy (raiding cupboards and ripping trash apart), mischievous, and hard to catch without a leash. But…he is so adorable.

Wall-E has come with his share of health problems (fortunate for him he has come to the right place). He had replacement of his left lens due to a cataract 3 years ago. Recently a cataract in the right eye developed which caused him to be blind in the eye. The lens in the right eye was removed and he developed a post surgical glaucoma, This was controlled with another surgery. His eye is now medicated several times a day and he still has vision. We are deeply grateful.

He is “a gift from heaven…over and over again.”
-Daphne Hill, DVM

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