Anesthetic Dental/ Oral Surgery

Anesthetic Dental / Oral Surgery 

Our anesthetic procedure is intended for those patients who would ultimately benefit from extractions in order to improve the oral health. Prior to this procedure a blood panel would be selected and discussed by you and your Veterinarian, this would reduce risk(s) under anesthesia and ideally prevent unwanted outcomes while undergoing the procedure as well as indicate which medication might be more effective or safer to use. During the procedure, an X-ray of the mouth would allow for a better overall and comprehensive view of what is needed. Extractions, cleaning, and charting are all performed within roughly 2 hours, after which your pet is sent to our quiet recovery area with heating blankets to be monitored until it's time to go home. We will usually send you home with a variety of medications in order for pain control and comfort. 

The cost for an anesthetic dental or any anesthesia procedure will very in cost depending on the amount of time, the weight and breed of your pet. We suggest a consultation prior to any anesthetic procedure to evaluate your pet and also so we can provide a treatment plan. 

Additional services while under anesthetic are sometimes available depending on the procedure.  


Krystal Gutierrez
I just took my dog today to get checked out by the dental tech; her tooth was severely infected and there was a huge abscess that caused fluid buildup and swelling on her face which almost shut her eye completely. After examining her, they decided to take her in for a tooth extraction immediately. Everything was explained to me clearly and with detail about her condition and about the procedure. I was updated when needed during the procedure by the dental tech himself, which helped to ease my concern. I had a great experience there with the staff; they cared for my dog the way I would, not to mention her three day old puppy was able to stay with her and then taken to an incubator during the procedure. The price was less than half of what a hospital in Visalia wanted to bill me. I'm so grateful I found this place and they were able to help us out so quickly!