About Us

For over 35 years we have been a stable part of the Fresno community. With a recent re-branding in 2018, you will notice new Doctors as well as additional services to compliment the wonderful staff you all know and love. We try to remain a small family practice, with a close knit nursing team that is focused and engaged with each client and pet that enters her hospital. 

Our hospital is a healing center for animals and we take pride in the work we do. We make sure your pet and you get the best care we can provide. With the growing demand for quality dental care, we have expanded our scope in order to diagnose, monitor, and treat any and all of your concerns. 

Each day when we close our extended staff will clean, detail and sanitize  the entire hospital and prepare for the following day.  We work very hard to keep our reputation as being one of the cleanest hospitals you will encounter.  Our hospital is equipped with the  newest diagnostic equipment and only the best surgical equipment to ensure proper diagnosis. Our doctors love this facility and our clients feel good about the service they receive. If there is anything we can do to make your experience more comfortable please contact out office manage.   

We focus on our community involvement whenever possible and work very closely with the Fresno Bully Rescue,  Ravens Rescue, and Furry Friends Rescue. To learn more or for upcoming events and donations please contact our office. 







Recent Reviews from some of our clients:


Shelly Kitchen Bodourian reviewed Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic — 5 star

April 13 at 8:36pm · 

*****Very helpful with my green cheeked conures! Rocket got all his feathers back!!! My sweet Green cherubid healthy and happy! Thanks


Tiffany F.


*****I have been going to this pet hospital for 30 plus yrs now and could not be happier with the old and new vets here. Dr. Hill was my vet from the beginning of having animals and I thought I would be searching for a new one when she retired. There was no need, the new vets are amazing and really love and care about your pets. As usual, one of my dogs got sick the other day and it was bad. Dr. Brandt took such good care of my baby boy and I couldn't be happier. I also got a call on Monday to see how he was doing. The change is for the better and I recommend this place to everyone. Thanks again for taking care of all 7 animals of mine!!!!!

Jesse Hendricks

4 weeks ago

*****This is the Best place by far to bring your pet's to for any of their needs. The owner and operator, Chris, saved my dog Chachi life, literally. Chachi needed a very serious and expensive surgery, not to mention the fact that the only surgeons who could do that operation are only in town once a month. Long story short, when the surgeon was here the first time I didn't have the money, so Chris made me a deal, since I am unemployed and disabled, he would have the surgery done at cost so I wouldn't have to put my dog down. The following month I borrowed $1500 from my sister and paid Chris and the surgery was a success story. A $4000 surgery he helped me out and did it for $1500. I ask you, who does that today? The entire staff are top notch professional and friendly. They deserve your business, so get your pet's down there.


Robin Leon reviewed Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic — 5 star

April 13 at 8:35pm · 

*****Wednesday something happened to Razzle a foster of mine, I don't know what happened, but he was just bleeding from the mouth and nose. I took him to a different vet Wednesday morning. That vet told me he was okay no broken bones I sent him home with me gave me some antibiotics and some pain medicine.
Wednesday night I tried to give Razzle a drop of water and I did not like the way he responded to it. Thursday morning, I called the vet I have went on Wednesday and told them I was scared to give him his medicine because the way he reacted to the water. They told me I would have to go see a specialist. I started calling around and asking questions, I found this place animal hospital and dental care off of Blackstone in San Jose. OMG I cannot begin to explain and express my gratitude to them. They were so personal yet professional. They never met me before and as soon as I walked they greeted me by my name. They wanted meme to come in at 3:30 but I got a call from them and told me to come in way sooner. As soon as I walked in, he immediately send my cats jaw. Has he proceeded to examine him his whole mouth was just shattered he still had dried blood in the back of his throat. Razzle should have never came home with me the night before. That other vets did nothing for me but take my money. Animal hospital and dental care did everything and their power to find the best solution for Razzle. At the end the decision was to put Razzle down. I think Animal Hospital in Dental Care for their graciousness and assisting me and Razzle, there wasn't a dry eye and that vet over Razzle situation. Honesty respect Trust comfort is exactly what I got from them.
I will never be able to repay them for what they did for me yesterday however I'll most definitely be able to hey that greater good forward. Thank you thank you thank you.